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Main Overview

Ordering Website

Custom online ordering website connected to your own domain name. Includes a free SSL certificate for security.

Landing Page

If needed we can create a unique business landing page that can either be used as your main website or a store locator page.

Admin Dashboard

Manage all your settings, menus, orders & reservations on any internet connected device through the admin dashboard. Create staff accounts with restricted access.

Online Payments

Allow your customers to pay you directly online without money passing through us. All money goes directly from the customer to your restaurant.


Built to be used worldwide. All your currencies, dates and times are formatted in the most recognizable way for your local customers.


Our system provides support for nearly every currency in the world with precise financial calculations.


Our online ordering interface is available in several different languages that can easily be chosen by your customer.

Multiple Taxes

Configure any number of taxes to be applied to your prices either inclusive or exclusive of tax. Taxes can also be compounding.


Connect your system to a variety of 3rd party services such as social platforms & delivery providers. This list is growing everyday.

Restaurant Rescue Squad

 My Food Order putting more money back into the pockets of struggling restaurateurs.

The ones taking your profit and stealing your customers. Fight back like your survival depends on it. Because it does.

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Own your restaurant – You Keep YOUR Customer & More of the Money! 

Online ordering for restaurants with online marketing systems

 The easiest, fastest, and most convenient system to get back your customers from third parties. Save labour costs by converting unnecessary phone orders with our direct online ordering system.


Accept and manage takeaways, deliveries, dine-ins, table ordering, and reservations with our ordering system

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We Build You A Custom Branded Online Ordering Website

Own a stunning online ordering website and provide your customers with a fantastic ordering experience that keeps them coming back

Restaurant Websites My Food Order

Highly Customizable Menus

My Food Order Menu Builder

Our easy-to-use and powerful menu builder gives you the ability to build in-depth menus and dishes. No matter what your menu requirements may be, it can be achieved with our ordering software

Accept Every Type Of Order

No longer do you need a different system for different tasks. My Food Order integrates all order types into one streamlined platform making it easy to manage your digital business

Order Types

Real-Time Customer Receipt

Real Time Ordering

Keep your customers up to date with a real-time order receipt. It will automatically keep customers informed about the status of their order and their estimated wait time

Manage Everything Online

Manage your entire ordering system directly from your tablet or PC. Our sleek admin interface is easy to use and will help you keep track of all your orders, bookings, and customers

My Food Order Order Management

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Delivery Integrations

Offer direct delivery through our partnerships without paying ridiculous fees or losing customer data. Handled on time by delivery pros.


Increase your restaurant profit margin with only a 3% service fee* per order.

They already pay a 10% service fee for every UberEats Order now plus over 30% commission to your business as well!!!

They want to Support Local and know they pay more through third parties. We only make money when we make you a lot!

Example UberEats Order Receipt

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Free direct online ordering system for restaurants. Increase sales, save money and win back your customers.

*Service fees are flexible and can be paid by the customer, by the restaurant, or any combination.

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